Tune-In: Tuesdays from 21 March at 8.30pm

The King and Queen of UK property are going head to head to make dream homes a reality! British property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are on a mission to help families who’ve fallen out of love… with their home. The problem is the families can’t agree how to remedy it. One wants to give up and list it, but the other wants to love it by renovating. This is where the dynamic duo Kirstie and Phil come in to settle the argument. Kirstie will use all her design know-how to completely transform the house in the hope of convincing them to stay put, meanwhile expert house-hunter Phil will prove that there are amazing new homes out there and selling up is the best option. Once the duo have done all they can to help these battling families, they will ask one emotionally driven question: “Are you going to love it or are you going to list it?”.