Mad About The House



He wants stripped wooden floorboards; she wants deep, luxurious carpet. He wants a state of the art sound system; she wants a top of the range kitchen. He wants a home cinema room, she wants a nursery!

Mad About The House takes on this classic domestic argument by giving a couple, whose home is desperately in need of attention, a big case of cash. Only one of them will be allowed to mastermind the makeover – the man!

His wife will be moved out for 2 weeks whilst he and his best friends move in to carry out the transformation.

While he’s working away at home his wife has just one week to decorate her dream space in a life-size doll house replica of her own home. Then just a day before he is due to reveal all his handwork at home, we take him to see his wife’s finished dolls house – her perfect vision of their dream house.

Will he stick to his guns with his design or spend the final 24hours adjusting the house to fit his wife’s desires?

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